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The Louvre Museum

Bibliographic information: The Louvre Museum : http://www.louvre.fr/en

Brief description: The Louvre’s website features everything you need to know about visiting the museum. You do not need to travel to Paris in order to take a tour though. The websites offers virtual tours of three sections of the museum. Students can tour the Egyptian Antiquities, the remains of a fortress under the Louvre or the recently restored ceiling paintings of the Galerie d’Apollon. The website also offers a section called ‘A closer look’ which allows students to see the details of museum pieces through a magnifying glass, while hearing commentary and animations on the historical and artistic background of the piece. Another section called ‘tales of the museum’ features animated clips, photographs and stories about the museum and the works it houses.

Qualitative  analysis: This website does not require background information to appreciate the masterpieces at the Louvre. It does however, provide a lot of details and background information to help viewers gain a better understanding of certain works and the museum in general. Purpose or main ideas of works are clearly stated, though some are speculations and not solid facts. The stories of the museum section is narrated in by a limited third person narrator, who provides the details that are available from history. Parts of the site are casual and familiar and others are more formal in tone and vocabulary. The language closely adheres to the viewers linguistic base. Domain specific vocabulary is explained. There is distance between the reader’s experiences and those in the text, but there is acknowledgement of these divergent experiences and sufficient explanation to bridge these gaps.

Subject area: Art, History

Personal thoughts: The Louvre is one of my favorite museums and would love the opportunity to take my students there, but a much more economical and feasible alternative is to take them on a virtual tour.

Subjects/themes: museum, historical artifacts, sculptures, paintings, architecture, tours

Description: The Louvre is the site of an ancient civilization. There are the remains of a fortress under the Louvre, which later served as a palace for the King and is now the home to thousands of priceless artifacts and artworks, such as the Mona Lisa.

High interest annotation: Take a tour of one of the most famous museums in the world without leaving your seat.

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