The Adventures of Tintin

Bibliographic information: Herge: The Adventures of Tintin:

Brief description: This website features a variety of information on the comic book character Tintin and his many adventures across various medias, such as books, films, cartoons and games. There is a section about all the Tintin books, which includes a summary of each story, key and supporting characters and pictures. There is also a section of the website about the characters that features more in depth information about each one, including the real life inspiration behind the character, fun facts, the titles of stories they appear in and an overview of their traits and qualities. There is another tab with information about how Tintin began and his author. The News and Happenings section tells about all Tintin related news and events. Then there is the Tintin store with numerous Tintin memorabilia and products. The last link is to the Tintin movie.

Qualitative  analysis: There are a series of Tintin books, so some knowledge of the characters is helpful, but not necessary for understanding. For those who want to find out more about the characters, the website features information about key characters, so there should not be a gap in understanding for those with no prior knowledge of the series. There is distance between readers’ experiences and those of the text; however there is plenty of explanation to bridge the gap. There is a wide array of text features to aid in comprehension, such as changes in font, notes, graphics, etc that compete for the readers attention. The visuals are used to augment and illustrate information in the text. The vocabulary is mostly contemporary and familiar. The language used, closely adheres to the readers linguistic base. There may be some dated phrases that readers are unfamiliar with, but they are easily understood in context.

Subject area: History, Language Arts

Personal thoughts: I found this site when looking for resources for my French class. The French version is a little better, but I still like the English version too. I think these websites that feature characters in various media are great for engaging reluctant readers. I also like the little tutorial on how to draw Tintin, though mine didn’t turn out so well.

Subjects/themes: adventures, Tintin

Series information: The Adventures of Tintin

Character names/descriptions: Tintin is a journalist who travels the world to uncover the truth (and help save the day).

High interest annotation: Join Tintin on his many adventures around the globe, as he investigates and makes his own headlines.

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