Offical Artemis Fowl Website

Bibliographic information:

Brief description: This transmedia piece links the Artemis Fowl book series by Eoin Colfer, into an number of different formats and reader experience. There are the original books, which are being made into graphic novel format. Then there is an author bio page, as well as ‘secret files’ characters from the series. These files include pictures (graphics), classifications, background, special skills and other intelligence on the assorted characters. The videos tab includes a music video for a song called, ‘Call me Artemis Fowl’, videos of the author performing his novels as ComicCon and various locations across the country and book trailers featuring teasers from the author and graphics of the stories. There is also a game section and a Gnomish Alphabet Decoder.

Qualitative  analysis: This website would be of high interest to Artemis Fowl fans, being well made and featuring lots of graphics, sounds, videos, etc. It may help hook readers on the series and get them even more interested in reading. Knowledge of the characters and their adventures will add to the enjoyment of the site and allow for deeper understanding, but is not necessary for comprehension, as things like book summaries and character biographies are included on the site. There are a wide array of text features, including diagrams, font changes, visuals, sound effects, music, moving graphics and more that compete for the readers’ attention. Graphics and visuals are used to augment and illustrate information. There is distance between the reader and the events of the series, but the website attempts to bring the reader into the story with features like games to get into Artemis’ inner circle.

Subject area: English, Language Arts

Personal thoughts: I think this website is great. It looks very professional and advanced. There are lots of graphics, sounds and different things happening when you click to different parts of the site. A click can set in motion several different things on the page, so it seems full of action.

Subjects/themes: Transmedia, books, graphic novels, music, games

Series information: Artemis Fowl Series

Character names/descriptions: Artemis Fowl, boy genius who, is not daunted by taking on magical creatures and attempting to out wit them.

High interest annotation: Look at the classified files on various characters and find out all the intel in their reports. Decode a Gnomish puzzle or faces the challenges to become a part of Artemis’ inner circle.

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